Love encased in wood

All of our products are handcrafted from the highest quality selected wood. We put all our heart into their production so that their appearance could please both children and adults.

We pay special attention to the quality of our products ensuring safety during their subsequent usage, therefore we made sure to provide all quality certificates. The toys we create are handcrafted, so there are no two identical copies, each is unique and one of a kind.


Products created
with passion

Our idea was to create unique and eco-friendly products created by hand. With the greatest precision we take care of even the smallest detail. Many years of experience in carpentry resulted in products not only of high quality, but also of beautiful design and original form. The joy of creation allows us to realize the most fabulous projects.


Our most important customer is the child. That is why the quality of the products we make is a priority. We have all the required approvals, and the materials we use to make them are selected diligently.


Our products are not only quality or safety, but also a wonderful design loved by all our little customers. Beautiful colors, great details, interesting form.


We have the necessary certificates to meet all the requirements for the safety of the products we make.

How ‘Design For Kids’ was created

How did it all begin?

In the beginning there was a dream. A little timidly, we began to study the market and were horrified by the overwhelming mass of commercial and low quality products. Then we decided that we would start creating things that were unique, one-of-a-kind and simply—beautiful. Out of our love for children, and our fascination with the product that is wood, something close to our hearts and so gorgeous was created that we decided to share it with the world.

If we had to describe in one word where the idea for our business came from with full conviction and hand on heart it would be the word TRUST. There is probably nothing more important in the first years of a toddler’s life than caring for the psychomotor development and thus constant concern for their well-being.

Eco-friendly for your child

In the age of ubiquitous plastic, it is so important to leave our children a clean and liveable environment in addition to the beautiful toys we all love.

When our son was born, we wanted the toys and objects he would surround himself with to be unique and of good quality. Our child and his safety is now our priority. Our products are small works of art that we dreamed up for our own child and that we want to share with all parents.

We invite you to the world of Design For Kids, a world filled with concern for the safety of our children’s play and life, an eco-friendly world, a world where dreams come true.

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